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2. srpna 2012 v 11:24 | HeavyMetalFan
So there were few complains abotu not writing in English, so more people can read it. And because our blog is modern and up-to-date, so we decided (by we I mean me ) to follow new fashion and we will write in Svahilian - hekeres murese anseres bundeles peltonen (similiarity with finish is just random). But still I am czech person so I will use few words in czech:
jantar - it means the person who is fucking stupid by funny way
dub - oak, meaning almost the same like the one above,- imagine the situation that you drunk two bottles of strongest vodka, smoke couple ofjoints, ate whole bag of frogs and ride a seahorse - so this is dub ...

Ok so lets started.
At start we have to say that I was trying to find some place by couchsurfing (if you dont know, what it is, write your last will and burry yourself :P). And I should stay at one girls place - she is offeruing her studio for reasonable price, but the malaka wrote me two days before I should arrive that she gave the flat for somebody else for whole august (ofcourse it means more money for her) - so big malakos...
So I went on Crete without place to stay. - who I solved will be seen in next articles..
So My trip started at my city (suprisly :D). Next stop was french part of czech 'Prague).
I had meeting with my friend there - he arrived to Prague and he was robed in Prague after 5 minutes - and now tellme that Prague is not french part..
I was staying there overnight - I met more strange people than in my whole life ;).
I went to Poland by train. I started at 5 am from Prague to Pardubicos. We took pendolino - for people not familiar with this train - it is like most modern train,which can brake any time - it is enough to just open window in bad moment and whole train brokes:D ...
Funny part was that we bought normal ticket for normal train, but we boarded pendolino. The revisor was little angry with it, but we played stupid "yes we dont know, we are sorry, we are form village" face :P .. So it was ok ;)
At Pardubicos we changed train to normal one. In next coupe, there was some gifted singer - at start it was ok, but after while it was like listening screaming cat chased by MarT :D ..

On czech part it was ok, we just stopped in few cities, but at Poland we stopped in every shithole. Imagine that you stopped in the midlle of forest and there were living one guy and one cow and half of chicken
So after we arrived to Wroclaw. The main train station was in reconstruction and the leading guy was for sure greek - because there were reconstucting it for championship in football (EURO 2012), but now after few month after EURO it is still like house for tools...
There is sign where to go to take bus to airport.But after a while there is no sign and no bus station, so you have look for a while. Next suprise was ticket for bus - there is automat for it, but it was jamed, so there was also one inside the bus, but it was just taking credit cards... Greek way..
The airport is small one, newly build. Shops and restaurant isnide accept Euro, but they are returng in polsih currency, so now I have some bills with some fucking mustache guy, who probably drunk 4 litres of vodka on ex...
After we boarded our flight to Chania. The flight was opk, except some stupid people which took really young child to plane and she was crying almost all time - comeon, what is so hard to understand, that smallchildren shouldnot flight,because they are scared .. You can go by car, or by bus .. it is more nature for them.. or stay at hoime,

I was little thirsty so I took really cheap beer on borad (who can say that pay 4,50n euro for beer is too much???) ..
SO we arrived on time. We shared a taxi with Poland couple and directlyto Octopus (to take one coke and sleep), but more about that next days ...Now we have to go to try some Octopus (you can guees where :D :D)..

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1 Adele Krava-ova Adele Krava-ova | E-mail | 2. srpna 2012 v 11:54 | Reagovat

Small comment: about the girl with the flat. Did you find her on cs? Because CS does not support monetary exchanges between host and guest for the accomodation. Neither its a website where you could promote your rent-a-flat business. So in that case it's an abuse and maybe it should be reported. :D

2 tvůj milý vlastínek tvůj milý vlastínek | 4. srpna 2012 v 11:01 | Reagovat

ty si pakůň :) už se těším na pokračování :)

say hallo in Octopus!!

3 HeavyMetalFan HeavyMetalFan | 9. srpna 2012 v 11:30 | Reagovat

I will think about reporting it ;)..Thanks foradvice ...

Nejsem pakun,poiuze si na to hraju ;)

4 vintage bride gowns vintage bride gowns | E-mail | Web | 17. ledna 2013 v 7:42 | Reagovat

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